Dear Radicle Friends, Customers and Supporters, 

As many of you may know, we launched in 2016 with two missions in mind — First, to provide the University of Houston students, faculty and staff with a fresh, nutritious product on campus. Second, to generate profits that would be gifted back to the University in the form of scholarships. We’re confident we have accomplished our first mission, and this alone would not have been possible without all of you. However, due to several factors, our second mission is far from being realized, which is why we write to you today.
Radicle Fresh Juice will be ceasing operation on December 1, 2017. We deliver this news with a heavy, but open and optimistic heart. Our 15 month journey here on campus has been an incredible experience for everyone behind the scenes, and we wouldn’t take it back for anything. 
As the Radicle co-founder, I want to personally thank everyone who has supported us along the way. The insight and encouragement I’ve received from my benefactors, mentors, advisors, friends and family is unparalleled. To the Radicle team - you all have propelled this brand further than I ever could have alone. To the University of Houston, your partnership made our presence a reality early on in the idea phases. To all of the regular customers, and even the not-so-regular customers, you all are at the core of what Radicle is; without your patronage from day one, Radicle never would have made it out of that first semester. Many thanks are given to all of those mentioned above. 
I’m sorry to have to say goodbye, and am grateful for anyone who’s come in contact with this brand during our journey. 
We’ll maintain regular operations with one Radicle tricycle in front of the library through Thursday, November 30 (excluding Thanksgiving week and closures due to bad weather). Please come by to say hello, snag one last juice or just chat before then - we’d love to see your smiling faces. 
Eat your veggies, and stay Rad. 

With Much Love & Gratitude From the Radicle Team, 

Clark, Emily, Mali, Deborah, Garrett, Niza, Jennifer